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at sharp are also betting on one unique technology to bring business back. we explain. >> reporter: engineers at sharp looked into the future and the monitors, public computers and in smartphones too. the new liquid crystal display technology is called igzo. it reduces power consumption by a fifth. only sharp owns this technology, for now. >> translator: smartphone batteries that last longer are very appealing. >> reporter: in december, a market research firm ranked smartphones with a igzo panel as the number one seller in japan. >> translator: we're getting many inquiries of products. that would certainly boost our sales. >> reporter: sharp executives are pinning hopes on this technology? >> translator: igzo is contributing a lot to improving our business. >> analysts say sharp executives may need to learn more from their past mistakes. executives invested nearly $5 billion to increase production lines for liquid crystal displays. it didn't take long for south korean and taiwanese competitors to catch up. sharp eventually lost in the price war and posted a steep decline in profits
technology including artificial organs, a synthetic blood, and robotic lynn's -- limbs. >> at first glance, you might mistake him for a person, but rex's body is more like a computer. >> i thought that was absolutely science fiction, so i thought it was very impressive. also the fact they are very close to end implantable artificial kidney that will be able to replace a failing kidney -- >> he has a pathetic form and had, so he is familiar with the challenges prosthetics users face. >> it is difficult to be told not only is this technology not ready yet, but when it becomes available, it will be so expensive that it will be completely out of the question. >> rex is not cheap, but he showcases what is possible with modern technology and creates hope for amputees around the world. >> that makes the $6 million man sound like a bargain. >> and that will be getting cheaper as technology gets less expensive, so we will be keeping an eye on that. thanks for joining us. >> for more, visit our website at dw.de. >> bye bye. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org--
, the economy is booming. oil companies are using a relatively new technology called fracking to get that oil and gas reserves kilometers underground. it uses chemicals to break through shale rock and stone. the technology is controversial, but energy experts say the benefits far outweigh the costs. u.s. oil production has exploded in the past couple of years from 23 million cubic meters per day in the year 2000 to 712 million cubic meters today. experts believe the new technology could make the u.s. energy independent within the next 20 years. this would have serious implications for global politics, especially in the middle east. because the u.s. is dependent on middle east oil, it helps maintain security there. the strait of hormuz is the biggest oil route in the world. the u.s. protect tankers sailing straight. should america stop protecting the waters, the eu may have to take on more responsibility for security there and for the entire middle east. europe already helps keep waters safe around the horn of africa. russia would also feel the effects of an energy independent america. u.s. oi
simultaneously. he added that after two previous nuclear tests, the north's missile technology is increasingly sophisticated. resc rescue crews are headed for the solomon islands. the waves washed away dozens of homes. six people died. four are missing. the tsunami reached more than 90 centimeters. government officials in the solomons islands say three coastal villages suffered severe damage. photos taken by world vision show buildings washed away leaving only the foundations behind. spokesperson say the tsunami swept away 100 houses. one photo shows a house full of debris. aftershocks have registered more than five on the richter scale. analysts have recorded more than 50 of them. >>> french president has said the fight in mali is not over. but he said some french troops may pull out of the west african country next month if all goes according to plan. islamist insurgents have taken over northern mali. they moved into the colony last month to help stop a rebel offensive. 4,000 personnel joined the mission. many filed alongside malian forces to regain control of northern cities. a government s
help develop technology, and it can also help us take the lead in the market. >> translator: to speed up work, this company delegates more authority to project managers. >> translator: we are already negotiating inspection methods with a japanese firm. the decision will be made soon. >> reporter: the maker plans to regain full-fledged production in the first half of this year. >> translator: we'll shorten the time to get the parts we need by making them inside our group. this should enable us to manufacture products two to four months faster than japanese makers. >> reporter: authorities at such firms are pressing a priority on speed. this research institute acquired many new products. the institute supports its research to set up enterprises on their own. so far, more than 70 formal researchers are running startups. and there's new developed panels in only three years. he says the vivid images can compete with those made by other screens. the firm will begin mass production by the end of this year. >> translator: taiwan is currently full of vitality and new ideas. we hope to provide
of the german and protect association said the big data holds huge potential in areasike medical technology and smart traffic control systems. >> but it is also vulnerable to abuse and, of course, cyber crime. >> we will have more news here in a minute, including britain pose a big vote in parliament over gay marriage. >> that's right. we will also be going to china. we've been reporting all week long, last few weeks as well, and the toxics law in beijing keeping people inside, posing a respiratory threat, especially to the elderly and children now. it is on the move, now in japan. we will be telling you about what people there are doing as well to deal with the threat of china's toxic smog. stay with us. >> welcome back. british prime minister david cameron's bowling conservative party has split in two over his push to legalize same-sex marriages, a move that many of his own lawmakers say was wrong, not a priority for the public, and unnecessarily divisive. >> many conservatives still up in parliament to denounce the legislation ahead of the vote in which up to half of kamins 303 lawmakers
safely to earth. officials said they had reached an advanced level of technology despite western economic sanctions. the officials released photos of the monkey before the launch and after it landed. postings on the internet question whether the monkey sent into space is the same one that came back. some wrote that a mole above the monkey's eyes had disappeared. the u.s. state department spokesperson commented on the matter. >> well, you know, there are a lot of questions about whether the monkey that they reportedly sent up into space and reportedly came down was actually the same monkey. whether he survived. >> the iranian government hasn't yet made a statement on the mystery, but the associated press quotes an iranian official as saying, domestic media released a photo of the wrong monkey. time now to get a check on the weather. people in tokyo are looking out their windows and seeing a mix of vain and snow. mai shoji tells us what we can expect. >> hi. this morning we're seeing an on and off event of sleety showers and snow. this is due to the very cold, p upper cold air cresting ove
for us if every country -- there are roughly 50 countries that i believe have drone technology. what if they were allowed to take their terrorist suspect, wherever they happen to be, and just to drop bombs on them? what would that look like? that's really where we're going. that's what's at stake here for us. it's really not a question about whether people like president obama or whether he doesn't, whether they don't. and i frankly think that president obama has done great disservice to what his ideals were and why we elected him in the first place in 2008, which was around the questions of transparency and human rights. and that's the piece that we actually need to keep our eye in the next four years. >> you mentioned senator ron wyden a moment ago. he is on the senate select committee. he's allowed to know the legal rational that's being offered for targeted killing, as well as all the countries where the killing is where it's happening. but even he can't get answers. and he's promised to bring these issues up at john brennan's confirmation hearings for cia director coming pretty
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